Events and Holidays


  • South bay Anniversary: ​​In April, South Bay Swim School celebrates its founding anniversary sweepstakes and special programs
  • July 4th Independence of the United States: Learn more about our American culture to this day a lot of fun with your children and your guests in our facilities
  • Annual Pool Party: Each year in September, South Bay Swim School opens its doors for a pool party for our clients and their guests so we can all relax and have fun family !!
  • Movie Night: A great way to practice our English with our best selection of movies
  • Day Invitation your best friends: On this day you can invite your best friends to your school swim South Bay Swim School so they too can learn how to be safe in the water, your friends should come with their parents to enter the premises.
  • Open House: Future Customers will have the opportunity to visit our facilities and learn about our American aquatic program
  • The largest class swimming. We want to sensitize our community the risk that brings not knowing how to swim.


    South Bay Swim School closed its doors on the following holidays:
    • New Year's Day
    • Labor Day (May 1)
    • Independence of Ecuador (August 10)
    • Christmas
    • New Year's Eve
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