group lessons

South Bay Swim School never over book their group lessons. Parent will never find more than six children per swim instructor to ensure each child gets the attention and feedback necessary from our swim instructors to help them become better swimmers.

With a combined experience of 50 years from our team, we have perfected the art of teaching children and adults to swim safely. Each South Bay Swim School swim level has been designed tested and approved to make a difference. All swim levels have skills that must be achieved by the student before moving up to the next level. Every student that completes a swim level graduates with a medal.

We recommend lessons two to three times per week until the child is swimming and makes steady progress. Our group lessons run throughout the day and evening. As group lessons fill up, we add more group lessons, Please visit us so you can see our beautiful facilities and find out our current availability.

We emphasize safety in every aspect of our program, in which we teach water safety and rescue skills to all students.
(For Water Safety Exam, all students will need an extra set of clothing for their exam.)

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