Our core values

Our core values

  • Think positive every day.
  • Every day offer outstanding customer service
  • Clear communication leads to long term success.
  • Treat clients, team workers and students with respect.
  • Understand our clients before trying to be understood.
  • Present well-structured and goal oriented swim lessons each class.
  • Teach with enthusiasm each class

  • Praise in public, correct in private

Our Philosophy

  • At South Bay Swim School, our philosophy is to provide all students, regardless of age, race, or special needs, the best aquatic experience, to teach the skills to be safe in the water.

  • Swimming stimulates physical and emotional development. It increases self-esteem, concentration, reflexes, intelligence as well as social interaction, listening skills, respect for oneself and others, overcoming obstacles, facing fears that will carry over into different areas of their lives.

  • With our systematic approach to water education, we're able to track and acknowledge our students progress at each stage of development; each activity is geared toward specific learning processes offering the encouragement and training they need to be safe in the water.

  • South Bay Swim School fosters an environment of respect between the staff, swimmers, and parents. 

  • Through progress reports, we inform parents of their children´s progress as an important part of our teaching system.

  • Kindness:  An excellent instructor knows when to push and when to hug. Empathy, balanced with love and discipline is instilled in every class. We read body language and open up the line of communication with our students.
  • Guidelines:  Orderly progressions make sense to children. Skills are quickly assimilated especially when children see a beginning, middle and end. Children respond particularly to guidelines and sequential drills. When they know what is expected of them, they spend their energy on learning, not wondering what will happen next allowing for repetition, which is the best way for children to learn.
  • Fun:  Amusement keeps children spirits open, invites creativity into the swim lesson. This makes learning new skills playful and exciting.  Consistency is the key to accomplishing our goal of teaching children to love swimming.

  • Swimming is a life time skill that improves and strengthens with practice so that the end result will produce a skillful and safe swimmer.

  • We love to see our swimmers who consistently attend their weekly class become comfortable and confident in the water.

  • Children and adults can have a true fear of the water, do not allow your child’s fear or your own fears of the water prevent you from enrolling him or her in South Bay Swim School aquatic programs. We strive to develop each swimmer’s self-esteem.

    We encourage participating in our year round program which allows swimmers to continue building on their abilities with consistent, reinforcement and repetition without regression.

  • Using a slow, gradual approach to all new skills and techniques will help keep your child feeling happy and comfortable. We will carefully guide you both through techniques and skills. Each child progresses at his own individual pace and each child is unique in his own abilities. With this in mind it is important not to compare your child progress with other children. Your instructor will introduce new skills when your child is ready.
  • Learning to swim should be a fun and exciting experience for you and your baby. Learning to swim will require a special attitude from you. Your child’s progress will greatly depend on your commitment to the program. Infants are very aware of their surroundings, especially the feelings of their parents. If you are confident your baby will feel secure. Be positive and embrace each activity with enthusiasm, be prepared to set a good example, blow bubbles, get wet and experience the learning process with your baby. Praise your child for every effort, and accomplishment. Your tone of voice should exhibit warmth and optimism since your attitude will most definitely affect your baby’s progress.
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