Police and Armed Forces


We help men and women who are interested in joining Military Force, Police Department or Fire Department prepare for their entrance swimming exam. We offer swim lessons for those who don't know how to swim. We also offer stroke clinic for those who do know how to swim, but want to improve on stroke technique, endurance and times. South Bay Swim School will help you improve on your swimming skills.With our successful American aquatic program you will see results in a short time. For availability please contact us.

Competitive swim training for Triathlon or Swim Team


  • Our Advanced competitive swim training is designed for youth and adults who swim freestyle or swim all 4 competitive strokes and are looking to improve efficiency in the water.
  • High School/College athletes as well as Triathletes have succeded with South Bay Swim School Competitive Swim Training Program. For availability please contact us.

Scout Program


South Bay Swim School will help your Scouts earn their swimming and water safety merit badges. Our Scout Programs cover all the necessary skills while also incorporating water games. Our low rates make it easy for all troops and children to afford to earn these special badges. For availability please contact us.

Aqua Aerobics / Aqua Rumba

Aqua Rumba / Aqua Aerobics is a physical low-impact exercise class that concentrates on using movements with full range of motion.  This class increases your heart rate and increases your body's intake of oxygen which benefits your cardio vascular system. It allows you to exercise every muscle and joint in your body at the same time by using fluid movement through the water.  These classes will help you lose weight and tone your muscle by using the resistance of the water.  The beauty about these classes is that anyone can do them.  Everyone goes at their own pace, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete, or a teenager or a senior these classes will help you to either get in shape or just stay in shape.  It’s a great workout for young adults, adults and seniors!

For availability please contact us.

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